Change your perspective of urban living. 1 The unleashed powers of collaboration. 2 Acquiring, transforming, and holding companies for long-term value creation,
with a unified mission:
- Unleashing Inherent Potential 3 -Igniting Ingenuity -Catalysing Transformation
Metropolitan Prosperity Nexus Bridging Sectors and People to Achieve the Unimaginable. 4
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We're Metropolitan Prosperity Nexus

Welcome to Metropolitan Prosperity Nexus (MPN), founded by Robert W. J. van den Burg. As a pioneering transnational firm rooted in the Netherlands and Germany, we introduce an innovative tripartite framework set to revolutionize Comprehensive Integrated Urban Prosperity Developement. Metropolitan Prosperity Nexus is an evolution of NoReservations Viable Capital, which remains the parent firm of MPN. 

Many cities in Holland and Germany face seemingly unsolvable problems that have profound consequences on daily life and functioning, with a magnitude that affects many aspects of our lives and economy, often leading to a self-reinforcing negative spiral that is hard to stop.

But here’s the news: NOT ANYMORE! With our new model and close collaborations, we are going to tackle these ABFPs!! (That’s right, ANNOYINGLY BIG FUCKING PROBLEMS).

Our systemic solution is the Metropolitan Prosperity Nexus Model (MPM), a meticulously designed tripartite framework that integrates and leverages the unique local knowledge and experiences of City Governments, Private Sector partners, Investment Firms, Community Organizations, Academic and Research Institutions, Regional and National Government Bodies, the European Union, and National NGOs. This approach ensures transformative results across all areas of city management and economic growth, optimizing every facet of urban life from infrastructure and social services to business development and community engagement.

Together, we reshape urban landscapes, prosper residents’ lives and optimizing every facet of urban economic from ‘Good’ to ‘Excellent’. Experience the future of urban prosperity with MPN. Our commitment to excellence and deep industry knowledge ensures tangible results. This isn’t just a vision; the solutions have long been decoded by experts, and together with all parties involved, we’re going to implement them in your city.

Shift perspective

we are just getting started and have only scratched the surface of these opportunities!

We’re Metropolitan Prosperity Nexus. And you’re in the right place.

Our bold, provocative approach underscores our commitment to actionable insights and measurable success. Does it sound ambitious? Absolutely. But history shows us that only bold ideas drive real change.

One thing we are confident about: Here, we don’t just dream of a flourishing city; we build it, one groundbreaking city at a time.

Before dismissing this as too good to be true, it is crucial to understand the value of the proposed model and the contents. Knowledge is not the same as understanding—a critical distinction that often leads to limiting beliefs. To break this cycle, we must embrace the concept of an adaptive challenge. Read on to transform your perspective.


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